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Ideas Some of my ideas


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I don't think anything is quite impossible. I think the word improbable is a better fit when it comes to gambling.

I tend to look at the nature of everything to understand. I don't expect that it's any different for any gambling game.

I think I understand the odds of games and the whole concept of the house edge and I know how most people try winning with betting progression is an money management

In this thread I want to add some random thoughts I have and hopefully they will spark some ideas for other members

When approaching any game arguably the first thing to look for should be what might be predictable. This is how a professional might look at it but it doesn't really interest me.

The money might be appealing if I can beat a game but it is also personal satisfaction to do something that many people say is impossible

more to come....


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One of my things I like to focus on is repeaters. I think they can happen in any game and I think there is something in it. But I also know the mind plays tricks and sometimes you think patterns are there when they aren't really

So how do you know when the repeater is part of some grand design? Or if it is just your mind playing tricks?

On forums there is a lot of discussion about repeating numbers in 37 or 38 spins. It is usually called the law of the third.

I don't know if it's reasonable to predict what will happen in those 37 or 38 spins. So if you have 12 of those numbers repeating, how do you know which are going to repeat and you still have the same odds of them repeating.

But what happens if you look at two sets of cycles, or three sets, four sets and so on? Do you get more accurate the more sets you look at?


Both your avatars get my intention. Welcome guys and I hope for some genuinely fresh discussions with new ideas.

String theory might be relevant. I dont personally think the whole universe is made from vibrating strings, but its clear the model fits better than most other theories. The universe is a sea of harmony and order, so why would roulette be any different right? The principle is correct because everything is cause and effect.

When it comes to roulette though, the next event is too chaotic to predict with RNG. However, it might be possible to predict longer term trends and waves. This is where you are going I assume?