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Blogs Should you use credit cards for gambling?

aleksandra u

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Gambling, both online and offline, is undoubtedly a widespread activity, wherever it is legally permitted. However, the participation level in gambling activities, much like a Texas Hold’Em game, has reached new levels ever since the introduction of gambling facilities over the internet. Another factor that improved the ease of gambling and helped increase its popularity is the digital payment systems. By eliminating the need for players to carry physical cash, it has made gambling easier and comfortable. Among the digital payment options is credit cards, which provides convenience and flexibility in making payments.

Thanks to the marketing of credit card companies, we are already aware of the many benefits of credit cards, which are widely used for making payments relating to all games such as blackjack. But are credit cards a viable payment option for gambling activities? As with anything, credit cards have some negatives as well, especially in the case of dealing with gambling-related payments.

“Credit Cards in Wallet 2” by Chris Potter, CC BY 2.0

First and foremost, credit cards, like its sibling debit cards are considered invisible money. We don’t empty our pockets when we use credit cards. While the flowing out of actual cash from our pockets has a restraining effect on our spending, the digital cash flows lack that effect. Nevertheless, every penny we spend is accounted for digitally, but unless we see the statement, we’ll not have the real picture of our spending. This often leads to overspending, especially in an exciting environment like that of gambling venues.

The next reason is that credit cards encourage gamblers to defy the general rule in gambling that “one should gamble only with the money that he/she can afford to lose.” Since credit cards allow players to stake money that they don’t own at the time of gambling up to the level that the cards permit it encourages players to continue gambling even after they exhaust their budget or earned money. It is evident from the general trend among poker and other gaming enthusiasts that those who use debit cards and other payment methods have more control over their budgets than those using credit cards. And the “advance” facility, which the credit cards provide, often leads the players into a debt trap.

Over and above these negatives, there is one more: the potential humiliation that the players may have to face while they make payments for gambling. However, there are some credit card companies won’t allow payments to be made for casinos and gambling-related activities. There is also a chance that the payment will be declined by the credit card company if the payment is initiated for gambling purposes, thereby causing humiliation. Thus, considering the negative aspects of using credit cards as a payment option in casinos, and by pitting the negatives against the benefits of using credit cards, credit cards are not advisable as a payment option for gambling activities unless the player can resist temptations.


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I've enjoyed your post Alexandra, and agree to a degree. Any payment method can be abused by the player in an online casino. Even land based casinos are no guarantee that the player won't spend too much money, saw it multiple times personally.

Anyways, what do you think of no account online casinos and ways that they take deposits and pay out player winnings? I wrote about it here: https://www.gamblersforum.com/index.php?threads/no-account-casinos-how-do-they-work.8949/