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Scams Planet 7 Casino and Afilliates fax back form scam


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Alright, I admittedly have never posted in a forum of any sort so my apologies if this is placed incorrectly. So I have been a customer of Planet 7 Casino for nearly a year now, and have never received a single withdrawal. Why? Because I admit I have a bit of a gambling problem, but also due to the scam of a faxback form they are running. I don't know how many times I have filled this thing out and sent it to them, but it has been at least 15 times. I email them the information since I have no fax machine, which they claim is fine, but I never have once gotten a response after it being sent, though gmail does not kick the email back to me, so I know it must have been delivered somewhere. I am now a VIP there since I have dropped over $1000 on them, and I still get the runaround. It's ridiculous. Every time j speak with support they say to wait the 24-48 it's for it to process and blah blah blah, but low and behold, they always go MIA. Has anyone experienced it? I made my final deposit there the other day, and I am now finished with them. I would recommend no one spend their hard earned money with these thieving dirtbags. You would think a company that only has to pay for software and a few support employees could do a little better with their millions of dollars, but nope, money hungry fat cats like the rest. Just thought I would let everyone here know. Have a great day and good luck!
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Hey. I had the same problem and realized they are liars. Don't play there. If u look them up online youll find out they are fraud.