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Blogs No Account Casinos: How do they Work?


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If you have been keeping an eye on the online casino world this past year, it is quite likely that you’ve run into the term “No Account Casino” more than a few times.

The latest trend in online casinos, No Account Casinos allow players to completely forego the need for a registration process. While this selling point may not sound too exciting at first – after all, filling out a registration form may be inconvenient but hardly a major bother for most players – there is a lot more behind the concept than it would first appear.

Popularized initially in Scandinavia by the innovative Ninja Casino, the premise behind No Account Casinos is that the casino will provide player will complete anonymity, never asking the player to provide any personal information. Players will not only be able to deposit and play without registration, but will also be able to withdraw funds without ever requiring any form of account verification – a major issue for plenty of online casino players.


How do No Account Casinos work?

If you are having trouble understanding how all of that can be possible, you are definitely not alone. Online casino players have always relied on an account to access their funds, play or perform any sort of transactions. But how can players access their funds to begin each session if they don’t have any account to begin with?

The answer is actually much simpler than you would expect. Thanks to innovative new technology, no account casinos are using player’s BankID as an identifier. Rather than creating an account with the casino, players can simply log into their bank account to verify their identity, using that same bank account to deposit and cash out funds from the casino whenever they want.

Not only does using BankID add an additional layer of security to the login process, but it also foregoes the need for players to provide any personal information to the casino itself, since your bank holds your information and can verify it for you.

In order to play for the first time players will log into their bank account and make a transfer directly from their bank – a process that should be practically instantaneous. Once the funds appear in your balance, you will be able to start playing right away.

When you are done for the day, you have two different options: You can either withdraw the funds back to your bank account – with casinos like Ninja Casino promising the funds within 5 minutes, or you can pause your session, saving your balance for the next time you log in. When you are ready to play again, you will use your BankID as an identifier once again and resume your gameplay.

While all of that sounds quite convenient, perhaps the biggest selling point for most online casino players is that No Account Casinos will not require players to send in any sensitive information for account verification purposes before any withdrawal.

Most casinos have been known to ask players to send copies of their ID, a utility bill to verify their address, and even copies of the credit card used to deposit. Given the highly sensitive nature of this information, players have always felt uneasy having to provide such delicate info to a company that is often not even in the same country as the player. By removing this step altogether, No Account Casinos have found themselves becoming more popular by the minute.

Fast Direct Deposits and Withdrawals

Along with eschewing the need for registration and account verification, No Accounts Casino also render depositing via eWallets practically obsolete. Since players will be solely using their bank account to verify their identity and to deposit and withdraw, there is no need for any of the usual third party companies like Paypal, Neteller or Skrill to process the transactions. Instead players will simply transfer funds in and out of their bank account, with the casino usually covering any costs for either type of transaction.

By going direct, No Account Casinos not only make the process easier for the players, but a lot faster. Most No Account Casinos are known to process cash outs within only a few hours of the withdrawal request, while others claim they can do so within minutes.

With players’ response to these innovations being overwhelmingly positive, it is impossible to deny how No Account Casinos are redefining players’ online casino experience. At this point, it seems like only a matter of time before most casinos start to implement many if not all of the features offered by No Account casinos in order to stay in line with the times.