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Ideas Horse or dog racing simple system


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My experience with this is that you never get anywhere with low-paying odds like on a horse with 2 to 1 payout. The majority of money I make with horse or dog racing is with odds of 10 to 1 or greater.

I've often wondered is there a specific payout or odd amount that you could consistently bet and will have historically profited over long periods of time.

For example say you bet on all the long shots in history. Would you be better off than betting all the favourites with lower paying odds?


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I don't think so because each race has one, maybe two, favourites and in a large field it can have a lot of long shots. Playing them all would take a very large bankroll. The commonly accepted figures are that the favourites win 32% of the time, so at 2-1 payouts, you'd win twice your money in one third of the races and eventually go bust. You wouldn't do much better on Longshots as most winners are in what can only really be called the mid-card. Longshots really don't win very often, e.g. the Cox Plate has never had one, and with the Grand National there were only five in a century.


I am a novice when it comes to horse racing but I moved into a town with a track. I found that I love to see the horses and see if I can figure out who the winner is going to be. I know that how it all starts but I think it is fun. You meet the most interesting people.