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Hello Everyone,

Today is a very special day for you as this is a very special system!

I will begin with the simple version then afterwards when I explain the extras you will then be able to grasp the concept much more easily.

First of all, the tracking and ordering of the roulette results.

Start by splitting red and black numbers into separate strings, black numbers in one string and reds in another, as the results come just write the numbers into strings according to the colour.


Red Number String 12, 3, 21, 27, 1, 25, 16

Black Number String 11, 31, 33, 8, 10, 17, 4

These are strings of red and black numbers.

The strings will be made up of unique numbers and eventually hit a repeating number that is already within the string.


Red Number String 12, 18, 1, 32, 19, 23, 34, 18 Number (18) was the repeating number for this red string.

When a repeating number hits on a string it is time to end that string and start a new one for those colour numbers.

This way of tracking the numbers into strings until the repeating number hits will always be the same and never change.

The logic behind this is based on the law of the thirds, we would expect to only see a maximum average of around 12 unique numbers then get a repeating number that is already in the string.

The truth is the lengths of the strings are generally half this size and after thousands and thousands of fully recorded strings we found that total string lengths of 5 numbers hits the most from all recorded strings, this is only 4 unique numbers then the repeating number for a total recorded string length of 5 numbers.

We are tracking numbers into separate strings depending on which group they belong to either reds or blacks and then recording the strings lengths.


Red Number String 7, 34, 14, 12, 18, 7 String Length --> 6

Length = Total numbers in the recorded string.

Now... Lets take this a step further with positions.

Positions are a position from which the repeated number came from within the completed string.

Example Red Number String 7, 34, 14, 12, 18, 7 String Length --> 6 - 1 <-- Position

Length 6 and Position 1

This means the string was six numbers long and the repeating number was the first number/position that came in the string.

String lengths can range from 2 to 19


12, 12 (2-1)
This is the shortest possible string length of two and repeated from position one.

23, 21, 18, 12, 14, 27, 19, 1, 25, 32, 3, 5, 7, 9, 16, 30, 36, 34, 18 (18-3)
This is the longest possible string length of nineteen and repeated from position three.

Below are examples of full recorded strings

R) 7 1 36 21 30 32 12 36 ( 8-3)
B) 26 33 2 24 35 35 (6-5)
R) 21 36 36 (3-2)
B) 26 8 31 33 35 15 15 (7-6)
R) 7 30 19 1 34 34 (6-5)
B) 2 6 29 15 17 17 (6-5)
R) 1 7 27 30 30 (5-4)
R) 7 18 3 21 18 (5-2)
R) 19 12 25 34 5 36 19 (7-1)
B) 11 4 10 31 13 31 (6-4)
R) 16 19 14 36 1 12 5 16 (8-1)
B) 20 13 33 31 35 24 4 20 (8-1)
B) 29 2 13 29 (4-1)
B) 31 31 (2-1)
R) 25 21 9 23 16 18 21 (7-2)
R) 27 16 14 18 25 1 3 36 14 (9-3)

The strings are recorded separate and then logged with string results as above.

Once all this information is available we can observe what type of lengths and positions are likely to come and at what time!

From thousands of fully recorded strings something amazing revealed itself....The data was put into charts and showed the positions were key to locating the single numbers!

I have attached two pie charts, please open and look at the positions chart.

Just in case there is a problem with these pic charts to load on forum I will also type the data.

From all recorded strings the positions results were as follows,

Position 1 Hit 28.2 %

Position 2 Hit 22.6 %

Position 3 Hit 17.4 %

Position 4 Hit 11.9 %

Position 5 Hit 8.1 %

Position 6 Hit 5.5 %

Position 7 Hit 3.0 %

Position 8 Hit 1.6 %

Position 9 Hit 1.0 %

Positions 10+ Hit 1.0 %

This shows the percentage hit for each position over all recorded strings.

Position 1 Hit 28.2% /This means that 28.2% of all strings recorded had a repeating number from the first number within the string.

Position 2 Hit 22.6% /This means that 22.6% of all strings recorded had a repeating number from the second number within the string.

Position 3 Hit 17.4% /This means that 17.4% of all strings recorded had a repeating number from the third number within the string.

Positions 1 and 2 combined have over 50% chance of being the repeating numbers for any string!

Positions 1, 2, and 3 combined have over 67% of repeating for string.

Positions are literally positions, these are not actual numbers, but the positions in which future spun numbers will fall into naturally, so if a string has ended and you start a new string the first number to come is the number that fall into the first position which is named position 1.

The second number within any string is position 2 and the third number is position 3 etc..

The numbers could be any numbers and the only numbers we need to know are the numbers which fall into the positions and in what order!

The most amazing part is knowing that the first two positions in every string hit 50% which is only two single numbers.

This is how to pinpoint only two single numbers with the positions tracking!

Now lets pretend we have tracked and located our two single numbers, what next?

The next part is entry and exit points for betting the two numbers.String lengths and positions can help determine strong entry and exit points for our betting, we can't enter into a bet without knowing the numbers to bet on so first we have to wait for the first two numbers in the string then once we have them we can enter into the bet or start tracking for a strong trigger or triggers.

It would be logical to wait for say ten unique numbers then bet the positions but in all results these earlier positions hit more on the shorter strings.

It would be logical to bet all ten unique numbers after the 10 unique numbers but this can be costly when having to make too many bets on a bad run.

It would be logical to bet straight away, but then you can have a situation where the string runs all the way up to eleven or twelve in length and you have to make too many bets also the possibility of a higher position repeating.

It would be logical to bet mid range after four or five unique numbers and that is exactly what we do, waiting for five unique numbers helps to hit the sweet spot and settle you in consistent wins on the early positions!

The best way to attack the sweet spot is by keeping entry and exit times short to say only making four to eight bets per trigger.

Flat betting!

The consistency is so good it is possible to safely use a mild base unit progression.

These two numbers will then have 50% chance of being the repeaters for that particular string.

If we bet on three single numbers instead this gives 67% chance of one of them being the repeat.

So tracking 2 or 3 numbers from the beginning of each string then waiting for a certain amount of unique numbers in that hot string before betting those 2 - 3 numbers for 4 - 8 bets.

That's it, simple**

This is for red and black numbers only!



I have had software made to track and order Red/Black/Odd/Even/Hi/Low all at the same time and automatically with each set of eighteen numbers being separate for tracking, ordering and triggers!

The software will track and order each set of eighteen numbers all separate and produce triggers for each set separately too, meaning if red string triggers it will give 2 - 3 numbers to bet but also if black and say low number sets trigger the software will give multiple sets of numbers to bet on as they're all done separately.

For each set I have had V/L Strings option for software to wait multiple strings to not hit positions selected and to also wait (x) amount of unique numbers in a hot string before betting the original selected positions plus another setting for total bets to be made on hot positions.

There is also an option to change hot numbers to change colour from green or yellow to pinpoint the hot numbers even more and another trigger option will be added soon for V/L Flashers.

Basically once the software has numbers to bet it will give flashing numbers to bet on, the new option of V/L Flashers I mentioned will be waiting for (x) amounts of flashing sets to lose before telling the player which numbers to bet on, this will make bets even stronger than they are now.

The results have been amazing as expected and trigger options are endless, this is an ongoing project to make this software literally pinpoint 2-3 numbers in 2-3 spins and hit consistently.

I have well over 20 people from around the world involved in this project and welcome new people to help pay for the future upgrades!

Every person involved is entitled to all new upgrades of the software for free, making this an evolving project with many talented players.

If you would like to be apart of this project or simply buy the software here are the links.

(I have deleted links because I am not sure If I am allowed to post links on this forum!)

You can find me on eBay and YouTube, Just search for RHYTHMATRIX RS

I offer the full written version of system and software before purchase to anyone interested.

Thank you for taking time to read my post, I hope you enjoyed and can take this information either create your own system or share with others!



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