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Services A mathematical system for Keno.


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Hi, everyone!

I am a mathematician from Greece. Our team has developed a system for Keno that is available for android devices.

Please read below how it works, and decide if it fits your playing profile:

In Keno or Keno-like games, the payoff is very good for absolute success (such as 4 out of 4, 7 out of 7,etc), but this is very hard to get. One may play the same 7 numbers all the time and never get a 7 out of 7 win. However it is far more likely that at some point he or she will get 4 out of 7 or 5 out of 7. In such a case, it is far better to get paid for a 4 out 4 ticket than for a 4 out of 7 win.

The initial idea that derives from this, is to select 7 numbers and play all possible 4-spot combinations. But there are 35 of them, which is too expensive!

The app takes this idea to the next level of thinking: It calculates and displays the MINIMUM number of 4-spot tickets (7 instead of 35 in this example) that need to be played, so that when the player gets 5 out of the original 7 numbers, one of those 7 tickets is SURELY (100%) a 4 out of 4 winner.
At the same time, it is possible to have a 4/4 winner even with 4/7, while with 6/7 more than one tickets will win. With 7/7, obviously all tickets are winning.

The above is just an example. The user may choose the system that best fits his or her playing style and preferences: E.g. one may choose a game of 5 numbers out of 8 selected, another may play a system with 7 numbers out of 10 selected, etc.

Let us just say in advance that Keno or Keno-like games are usually offered with a high rake, and no system can ever turn the probabilities in the player's favor (as much as we would love that!). Luck will always be necessary to win in such games. So no win is guaranteed with the use of this app, and in no way we are suggesting that people should start playing such games, if they currently are not.

However, this system is a powerful tool for a player that chooses to play this game. It reduces the overall variance of the player's profitability in the long run, without excluding the possibility of significant wins!
Plus, it provides another exciting way to play the game!

If you decide that you want this app, you can download it here:


Best of luck with all the players!!