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Ideas Double slit experiment application on table


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In a game like roulette where all the players are waiting on the winning number, let's say for example that they have some way of influencing the winning number just by observing. Again have a look at my thread about the double slit experiment with quantum physics. Unless you do research on this, you are going to think there is no scientific foundation.

The thing is on a roulette wheel the will of 10 or so different people would be conflicting because we aren't always going to bet the same numbers.

But what if multiple people all focused on one winning number. I would like to see some kind of study to determine if multiple people can affect the outcome of roulette spins

This doesn't have to be just for roulette but it would probably be most suitable to a game like roulette with multiple observers. It's not like observation would change the outcome of cards being dealt


I watched a video about the double slit theory and it is amazing how that works. Applying that to gambling, I'm afraid that it is above my head when it comes to quantum physics. Best of luck to you all with this.....