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Scams CLOUDBET IS SCAM! They are not paying for winning bets!


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I have been playing at Cloudbet since September 2018 and never had issues, but this time I had and nobody replies besides the casino marketing guy through WhatsApp and every time he says something else.

But there is some shady thing that I want to mention. Here is what happened. I play Live Roulette game from January 11th until 14th. 95% I lose since September 20. Anyone knows the game, will agree, that it's really hard to win. Anyway, after I played long hours I had 38 BTC and I requested withdraw. My account is suspended.

1. Player Risk Analysis Report from EvolutionGaming (MORE PROOFS HERE PDF file is here: https://ufile.io/mfj78)
2. Screenshots with all representatives from Cloudbet (MORE PROOFS HERE 52 images: )

First of all, this report was prepared on Jan 20th, when I contacted them on Jan 25th they told me they still waiting for the report. They sent me the report yesterday which is 28th.
Second, the report says that I played from saved bets, which is correct because the platform gives you an option to save your bets and play, or you can play repeat bets. If you play like that and win they tell you this is not the right way to play
Third, the report says that I placed my bets from saved bets average of 4 seconds before the ball dropped which might be correct but again, the platform lets you bet after they span the ball, so if you don't want the player play like that why do you have that option on the game.
Fourth, when they made this report they are stating Cloudbet that they will keep watching my actions and asking Cloudbet let them know if they want to block my account. So, in other words, they don't know my account was blocked on the day of withdrawing. So Cloudbet blocking the account and waits for couple days and then take actions and find excuses not to pay. I think they get the winning from the casinos and gain some time and never pay the big winning.
Fifth, the report states that I opened the account on Sep. 25th, 2018, but they analyze only from Jan 11-14th. If they go back and analyze all my play from Sep. 25th - Jan. 14th, they will see that I always play the same way and I have been loosing.

So in reality, if there is software how I have been loosing...
I really want to thank this page to be our (victims) voice!
I did not cheat nor used any software, I am a businessman and I like to gamble, but this is stealing.


DO NOT RISK YOUR MONEY because even if you win you will never get it.

CLOUDBET.COM trick people, I think they get the winnings from the casinos and then block your account.
If there is software like that, how come I have been loosing?

Please DON'T insult people! If you will check the history you will see how I have been playing.

38 BTC it is a lot of money and this is not profit. Only that day I deposit more than 11 BTC to that account to play and after I got lucky I ended up withdrawing 38 BTC.

<<<< TIMELINE >>>>

<< January 13th >> - I deposited 11 BTC into my account on cloudbet.com
<< January 14th >> - Cloudbet sent me an email and asked the ID and some documents and I sent them right away, since then they tell me, our security team is an investigation.
<< January 15th >> - My account is suspended. I had a chat on Cloudbet.com with Lily. She said that I will get verified in a few days. That this is their standard procedure. When I asked about my account she said: «Your account is suspended for the period of verification, but your funds are safe with us. I am very sorry for all the inconveniences you’re dealing with. From my side, I’ll leave a note for the team regarding your request and will try to do my best to help you get your request solved as quickly as possible.»
All my withdrawals have been canceled and my balance is $38.3441 BTC.
<< January 20th >> - Received a player risk analysis report from EvolutionGaming. The report issued: 20th of January 2019.
<< January 24th >> - I contacted a customer support chat again with Molly and ask for an update. Molly: «I have looked into your ticket, and I can confirm, that your account has not yet been fully verified, in scenarios like this we request our game provider to check the winnings. Sadly they are overloaded with requests and have not yet gotten back to us.».
To my questions «Why?» «How long it will take?» Molly replied: «I can’t give you an answer on that as the accounts are being investigated by our Player Safety team, it is completely out of my reach, unfortunately. I’m afraid I cannot give you a time frame on this, it depends when the game providers will be able to get back to us again.»
<< January 25th >> - I contacted a customer support chat again with Matthew and ask for an update. I got the same answer as Molly told me yesterday.
<< January 28th >> - Contacted Molly on the chat at Cloudbet.com. I told her that I contacted Casino marketing guy and Andy told me that reports are ready! Molly’s reply: «The investigation was conducted by the game provider, where an in-depth analysis was conducted. The email from Andy is our final decision on the matter, as such, I have no further information to offer. The balance on the account has been confiscated. It means that your account will stay closed and funds frozen». When I asked, «Frozen means you keep the funds?» The chat joined Steve, and he replied «The funds on the account, as they were accumulated again our terms have been removed from the account. As such, your account has a 0.00 balance and will remain closed. This is our final decision on the matter.»

The list of casinos:


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I might point out the "steve" above is the casino staff, not me.

Antonio, the files you specified will eventually be removed. You should post them here to ensure they arent automatically deleted.

I did it for you in this message.


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I might point out the "steve" above is the casino staff, not me.

Antonio, the files you specified will eventually be removed. You should post them here to ensure they arent automatically deleted.

I did it for you in this message.

Thanks mate!

I am curious! It's been 4 days and Cloudbet haven't reply on any accusation about this scam! :rolleyes:


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I dont expect they will reply, and if they do, they arent going to change their mind.

Complain also on sites like www.casinomeister.com in the forum (although check if they are promoting the dishonest casinos), also www.askgamblers.com/submit-complaint.

I have your information on 3 of my forums now. People will find it.

What the casino should understand is their behavior will ultimately cost them more than what they owe you.

When they eventually do realize that, they change domain and casino names. Many online casinos have different brands, but are all part of the same casino.

Also dont forget to complain to the government that gave them the gaming license in the first place. But they'll probably just say it's a civil case. But dont give up - insist that they as regulators must do something.

Then attack the casino payment processors. For example if you paid via moneybookers, explain they are supporting a scam casino.

Overall, it is unlikely you are going to get anywhere. You will find resistance at every point, because nobody wants to deal with it. Nobody wants the responsibility. The government doesn't really give a shit, except when it threatens their power. Welcome to the real world.