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Humour Casino Bombshell


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(I know it's an old joke, but why not share it!)

An absolutely stunning woman walks into a casino, wrapped in a sarong, still wet from the beach, her clothes clinging to her, and walks up to the craps table. Two dealers are waiting there and see her coming, admiring the view.

"Hello" she says, "This is my first time playing craps. Do I just throw the dice?" so they talk her through it as she bends over the table. She goes to place her bet and hesitates.

"This sarong's getting in the way. Mind if I take it off?" The dealers shake their heads and she strips down to a tiny, tiny, string bikini, drops her bet on the table and throws the dice. Immediately she starts to jump up and down, throwing her hands in the air.

"Yes!" she screams, "I won, I won!", snatches the dice up, gives each of the dealers a kiss on the cheek, and picks up her clothes as she walks off with her winnings.

"What did she roll?" One dealer asks the other.

"I don't know. I thought you were looking!"