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Baccarat Is baccarat a good choice for professional casino players?


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Is baccarat a good choice and why? I mean if you want to play professionally.

What advantages does it have over other games in terms of edge and practicality?


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Which game are you playing "professionally" now and why do you want to change?

Or which game are you most familiar with and have the most real world experience with that would make you even want to consider playing "professionally"?



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Baccarat is a popular game, but it relies a lot on chance and often has a high buy-in. I go for Blackjack because with a little skill the player's odds are better.


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I totally agree with you on that one, AlltheAces. I also prefer a game where skill counts for more than luck such as in Blackjack and that's the game I would go with 'professionally'.


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If you want to be a professional casino player, you should consider these criteria:
(1). whether the casino house run the game fairly? if not, don't go there.
(2). whether the casino house have any way to cheat you or beat you out in malicious way or hidden way? if yes, you give up the game. all games have way to cheat you, you have to find out before loss of your big money. The houses have to control their risk, they have staffs to be paid, government tax to be paid. So they won't let you to run without their control.
(3). whether the selected games have a linear return on odd? no this game.
(4). whether the risk/reward can be known before betting on next hand or next series of hands? blackjack is unknown?
(5). whether the player can control their risk and still can achieve maximum profit target? some game bet too much, so too much risk.
(6). whether the player can play the game in large run without lost back winning profit? most game will fail you in large run.

Then, you can use these criteria to analyse/watch/try various casino games.


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The game of Baccarat started its journey as a game for high rollers. Only a handful of Las Vegas casinos offered this game on their floors, and you had to be very rich to join a table. In some cases, a table was only made available when whales were playing in the property.

Over the years, however, baccarat has picked up a lot of fans. It is no longer reserved for high rollers. More importantly, the game has quickly become one of the favorites among players in Asia. This is why casinos in Singapore and Macau have baccarat tables for every player.

The real reason why baccarat is played by more players than ever is the online gaming revolution. Now that the game is available online, should you play it? And why is it so popular in India? Let’s find out.

Baccarat in India
We really cannot talk about baccarat without talking about how popular it is in India. The game is already very popular among players in Asia, but it captured the attention of Indian players like no other casino game.

Baccarat is a game that can be played through licensed and regulated online casinos. If you want to know more about how you can start playing this game. Playing on a regulated gaming platform is how you protect your winnings and have a pleasant gaming experience.

You will also find a lot of resources that can help you play baccarat better. Beyond the basics of the game, you will find tips on how to adjust your betting strategy, how to maintain a winning streak, and why betting on the banker is better most of the time.

As more players join the excitement, more online casinos start offering baccarat on their platforms. The rest is history from there. Baccarat now ranks high in the list of popular online casino games in India; right up there with Blackjack and Roulette.

There is no doubt that baccarat is a game you want to try and play. It is classy, it has great odds, and it is simple enough to master in a short period of time. You’ll be winning bets and collecting large payouts before you know it when you start playing baccarat online.