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Roulette has long been a staple in casinos across the world. It may have started in France, but it quickly spread to surrounding regions especially in the UK, then other areas of Europe. So why isn’t it in every casino? Because is not the most profitable casino game there is. That honor goes to slot machines because they make more money per square foot than any other game. If you think about it, a slot machine is about as wide as one chair. And the player can continuously pump coins into machine, and sit only a few feet from another player doing the same thing.

Nevertheless, this article is about online roulette, which actually isn’t that different to a slot machine if you are playing the random number generator.

What’s the difference between online and real casino roulette?​

The real differences are more about the algorithm that determine the winning number. It is not the location of the mechanism. More specifically, there are two main branches of roulette. Firstly, you have traditional roulette which involves the use of a real physical roulette wheel and ball. Secondly, you have random number generator roulette, which actually isn’t real roulette at all is a slot machine with roulette animations. But the differences should not concern you if your only ambition is to have fun playing online. The good news is online players are spoiled for choice, with the options of both real physical wheels, and random number generators. You can find out more about the options available to you.

How Do RNG’s Work?​

There are two main types of random number generators: pseudorandom number generators, and true random number generators. Almost all online casinos use pseudorandom number generators, which are sufficiently complex for online casinos in that normal players cannot possibly predict winning numbers. It still possible, but that’s another story.

True random number generators are physical devices that create random number generators with feedback such as sound, or even radiation from space. If the device is physically perfect, then winning numbers are as random as static on the radio or on your TV. Contrary to popular belief, true random number generators are not perfect always the best option. This is because they rely on physical and mechanical sensors which can possibly become defective over time. And if they are defective, the results won’t be random.

Pseudorandom number generators are essentially an algorithm, or a software program. They normally use the time on the server that generates the numbers, in combination with the algorithm. Even if you have the actual algorithm being used, you’re not guaranteed to predict winning numbers because you don’t know the server’s time. Even if you know the approximate time, you might be off just milliseconds, which is enough to completely change results. So if you’ve been trying to play against random number generators I timing fix of buttons, forget it - it’s just not possible.

Where To Play For Free​

Again it starts with a reputable casino, so you know the results aren’t rigged. Test accounts don’t normally cost anything, but how do you know your test sessions accurately represent results from real sessions? One clue is you tend to win an anomalous amount of times. But even that isn’t a guarantee that spins are rigged, because anything can happen in the short term.

There are a number of free online roulette simulators, although few of them disclose the algorithm or even source of spins that are used.

But if you’re only playing for fun, then there is no harm in winning in the long-term, even if it isn’t real money. That is unless it gives you a false sense of success, in which case it pays to at least research the casino’s reputation before using their free games.
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